16/05/2022 - Official King Satan Online Store Open Now!

We are proud to announce that we have opened our very own online merchandise store now! Shop is run by our own crew from Tampere, Finland and we offer international shipping options! Check out the latest catalog from the shop itself! Official King Satan merchandise shop

25/04/2022 - Occult Spiritual Anarchy album release tours / live dates!

Finnish tour confirmed for 2018

27/05 - SEINÄJOKI, FI (Bar 15)
28/05 - ALAVUS, FI (Alavus on the Rocks 2022)
03/06 - TAMPERE, FI (YO-Talo) /w Khroma, Crucify the Faith
04/06 - HELSINKI, FI (On The Rocks) /w Khroma, Crucify the Faith
02/07 - HELSINKI, FI (Tuska Open Air 2022
15/07 - TURKU, FI (Metallihelvetin Kesäbileet 2022 / Utopia)
04-05/11 - HELSINKI, FI (Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2022)

More info about tour dates from Live -section

08/04/2022 - 3rd album "Occult Spiritual Anarchy" Out now!

Digital & physical store links
All important links behind one link

29/03/2022 - King Satan joins International Booking Department (IBD) roster for European bookings (excl. Finland)

We are thrilled to announce that we have joined to International Booking Department ( IBD) artist roster (Incl. such acts as Laibach, Die Krupps, KMFDM, Dawn of Ashes and many more!) for European bookings (excl. Finland) from now on!

Bookings Europe
Sabine Waltz / International Booking Department

And like before King Satan concert bookings in Finland are handled by Nem Agency
Rowan Rafferty / Nem Agency

17/03/2022 - European Tour 2022 with Die Krupps cancelled

With heavy hearts we share the news that unfortunately the upcoming May 2022 tour with King Satan supporting Die Krupps is now cancelled because of the reasons beyond our control related to on-going pandemic and associated planning uncertainty. We naturally were looking forward more than anything to return to the mainland Europe to see many of you for the first time. Hopefully we shall return there with better timing and we shall thank Die Krupps and Sabine International Booking Department ( IBD) for this possibility.

Read the cancelling statement from Die Krupps below

”With heavy hearts, THE KRUPPS must announce that due to the ongoing pandemic and the planning uncertainty associated with it, unfortunately, all Europe / Germany dates of the "Bright Side of Hell 2022" tour will be cancelled in May. However, the "The Machinist Reunited Tour" planned for August with Front Line Assembly is not affected by this and will take place as planned. We look forward to seeing you in the summer!!

As for Den Bosch and Fontaine l’Eveque shows, we tried to find solutions to make these additional shows to work after the cancellation of the rest of the tour, but it proved to be impossible in such short notice, together with the logistic challenges and risen expenses caused by the current state of the world, which makes it impossible for us to carry out these shows the way they were planned before with all these circumstances occurred.

01/03/2022 - KING SATAN confirmed to TUSKA OPEN AIR 2022

14/02/2022 - "Occult Spiritual Anarchy" pre-orders begin!

Exclusive pre-order bundle with CD, vinyl, t-shirt and A2 poster ONLY available from Levykauppa Äx together with pre-orders! ⚡ This is first time our music is available in vinyl format and also A2 poster! 🔱 Shipping world wide!

Digital & physical store links
All important links behind one link

14/01/2022 - First album release show confirmed: MARS FESTIVAL 2022

First album release show confirmed to be part of MARS Festivaali concept where carry an unholy duty to act as ambassadors and representatives of Industrial metal.

Our show will take place in one and only Bar 15 in 30. April 2022 as the last show of the festival concept, so see you in Walpurgisnacht / Vappuaattona!
Event link

06/10/2021 - KING SATAN signs deal with BLOOD BLAST DISTRIBUTION

We are proud to announce that we just signed a digital distribution deal with world's leading digital distribution Blood Blast Distribution (powered by Nuclear Blast and Believe) for our digital distribution and music video side.

Our new album and its singles will be released via all major digital platforms by Blood Blast Distribution world wide.

So stay tuned with us and with our new allies, and head your glances towards the first part of 2022, because that is when the magick will happen again.

Digital & physical store links

06/10/2021 - KING SATAN signs a license deal with ELECTRIC SPARK RECORDS & HEMELVLAM for CD and Vinyl

Hear ye! We have inked a license deal for CD and vinyl rights of our upcoming 3rd album with newly founded Dutch record labels Electric Spark Records & Hemelvlam run by scene veterans. This means that there will be not only CD version but also for the first time ever, vinyl version of our 3rd album available!

The physical album will be distributed by Electric Spark Records

13/08/2021 - KING SATAN to support DIE KRUPPS (DE) for European Tour 2022

KING SATAN be supporting the German industrial metal / EBM legends DIE KRUPPS during their European Tour in May 2022.

Info about tickets etc. will be announced soon, so stay tuned

Tour dates are
🇫🇷 11.05 Strasbourg (La Laiterie Artefact)
🇪🇦 13.05 Madrid (Sala Shoko Madrid)
🇪🇦 14.05 Barcelona (Salamandra)
🇫🇷 15.05 Toulouse (@lerexdetoulose)
🇫🇷 16.05 Paris (Petit Bain)
🇩🇪 18.05 Hannover (@musikzentrumhannover)
🇩🇪 19.05 Hamburg (Kaiserkeller)
🇩🇪 20.05 Düsseldorf (WELTKUNSTZIMMER)

And King Satan continues without Die Krupps on following dates:

🇧🇪 21.05 Fontaine-l'Évêque (Mcp-Apache Music Evenements) /w Skeptical Minds, Sandra KILL, Die Spektu
🇳🇱 22.05 Den Bosch (Willem Twee poppodium) /w Splinterbomb

16/04/2021 - King Satan to Dark Malta Festival 2021 Virtual edition!

There are some good news and substitutes in the world without live shows during this pandemic era! We are proud to announce that we will be performing little something for mighty Dark Malta Festival 2012 and its virtual edition!

Mark your calendars for 5th June 2021 and support the great festival. Facebook event for more info:

11/03/2021 - Renaissance Alternative Music Festival Online Edition

Mark your calendars for 10th April 2021! Since our first visit to UK 🇬🇧 did not happen in 2020 and is not happening in 2021 either, we are participating with little something in the Online version of Renaissance Alternative Music Festival to support the festival and good people behind it. Keep the music alive and support your local scene, now more than ever!

Facebook event for more info:

01/05/2020 - King Satan to SaariHelvetti 2020!

Some good news to this devastating year! We will arrive to SaariHelvetti festivals of Tampere, Finland for the third time now in August 2020!

It will be the only festival show of this year, not only for us, but for so many, and we will truly keep the fingers crossed that the festival can really happen! See you in hell!

More info about the event:

29/11/2019 - Album release tour begins! (Part Finland)

Our official "I Want You To Worship Satan" album release tour starts in November!


29/11 Tampere, FI (Jack the Rooster) /w Sortaja
30/11 Seinäjoki, FI (Bar 15)
07/12 Hyvinkää, FI (Mdnght Bar) /w Fear Of Domination
10/01 Helsinki, FI (On The Rocks) /w Nachtmahr (AT)
11/01 Tampere, FI (Yo-talo) /w Nachtmahr (AT)
25/01 Jyväskylä, FI (Ilokivi - OnStage) /w Miseria Ultima + 1

In co-operation with Nem Agency, Elektrik Products & Black Soul Bookings

More info about tour dates from Live -section

22/11/2019 - "I Want You To Worship Satan" album out now!

Our second album titled "I Want You To Worship Satan" is now released world wide by INVERSE RECORDS!

Buy CD: http://ä (Levykauppa Äx)
Apple Music:

01/11/2017 - European Tour announced for 2018!

First King Satan European Tour takes places in April 2018

🇭🇺 06/04 BUDAPEST, Hungary (S8 Underground)
🇸🇮 07/04 VELENJE, Slovenia (Klub eMCe Plac)
🇭🇷 08/04 ZAGREB, Croatia (Klub Mocvara)
🇮🇹 09/04 MILAN, Italy (The One)
🇨🇭 10/04 ZÜRICH, Switzerland (Ebrietas)
🇨🇭 11/04 GENEVE, Switzerland (Champmesle)
🇧🇪 12/04 CHAPELLE-LEZ-HERLAIMONT, Belgium (Le Cercle)
🇩🇪 13/04 HERDORF, Germany (Rattenloch)
🇩🇪 14/04 HAMBURG, Germany (Monkey's)
🇨🇿 16/04 TŘINEC, Czech Republic (Bar-Rock-O)
🇸🇰 17/04 BANSKA BYSTRICA, Slovakia (RC Tartaros)
🇷🇴 18/04 ARAD, Romania (Club Flex)
🇷🇴 20/04 BUCHAREST, Romania (Fabrica)
🇷🇴 21/04 BAIA MARE, Romania (Shadow's Rock)

In co-operation with Rock Tour Agency, Metal On Loud, Saturnal Records & Qabar PR

More info about tour dates from Live -section

01/10/2017 - Finnish tour confirmed for early 2018!

Finnish tour confirmed for 2018

06/01 - SEINÄJOKI, FI (Bar 15)
26/01 - KOUVOLA, FI (House Of Rock) /w 2 Times Terror
16/02 - OULU, FI (Hevimesta) /w 2 Times Terror
17/02 - VAASA, FI (KaaosFest)
01/03 - TAMPERE, FI (Klubi) /w 2 Times Terror
02/03 - HELSINKI, FI (Elmun Baari / Nosturi) /w 2 Times Terror

More info about tour dates from Live -section

23/05/2017 - Debut album out now!

Debut album out now via SATURNAL RECORDS world wide

Buy CD: Levykauppa Äx
Buy CD: Plastic Head Distribution (UK)
Buy CD: American Line Productions (South America)

Apple Music:




17/05/2022 - Left Hand Path Symphony Video out now!

16/05/2022 - Official King Satan Merchandise Shop opened!

15/05/2022 - Interview with The Misanthreport (US online!)

08/05/2022 - Extensive interview with Soundscape Magazine (UK)

01/05/2022 - KING SATAN to Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2022 for November!

28/04/2022 - New interview with Groundcast Magazine (BRA) online!

24/04/2022 - KING SATAN to Metallihelvetin Kesäbileet 2022 for July!

24/04/2022 - KING SATAN to MARS FESTIVAALI 2022 for April

24/04/2022 - KING SATAN to TUSKA OPEN AIR 2022!

03/04/2022 - Interview with (Deutsch)

03/04/2022 - Interview with MyToucheBlog (English)

26/02/2022 - Interview with PIX666 (Deutsch & English)

25/02/2022 - The Pagan Satan music video world premiere by Inferno Magazine

14/01/2022 - The Faces of the Devil music video world premiere by Inferno Magazine

01/09/2021 - Belgium show confirmed for May 2022!

13/08/2021 - KING SATAN to support DIE KRUPPS for European Tour 2022!

31/07/2021 - Interview with Groundcast Magazine (BRA) online!

01/07/2021 - Interview with Pix666 (DE) online!

27/05/2021 - "This is Where the Magick Happens" OUT NOW!!

26/05/2021 - Pete's Rock News Interview online!'

26/05/2021 - The Cosmick View Interview online!

26/05/2021 - New music video premiere by INFERNO MAGAZINE!

03/05/2021 - Best of KING SATAN AMA 2020 Compilation video online now!

28/04/2021 - New single "This is Where The Magick Happens" to be released in 27th May 2021!

16/04/2021 - King Satan to Dark Malta Festival 2021 Virtual Edition for 5th June 2021!

11/03/2021 - King Satan participating Renaissance Alternative Music Festival Online Edition in April 10th 2021!

10/08/2020 - SaariHelvetti presents: King Satan & Miseri Ultima live in November 2020

07/08/2020 - Helsinki show will be arranged with limited capacity due Covid-19 regulations

13/05/2020 - KING SATAN to SaariHelvetti 2020!

07/05/2020 - New date for Helsinki show with Ruoska for 12th September!

23/04/2020 - All summer shows cancelled due COVID-19 until 31th July 2020

01/04/2020 - Alavus On The Rocks 2020 cancelled due COVID-19 regulations

21/03/2020 - Helsinki, On The Rocks Show cancelled due COVID-19 regulations

21/03/2020 - Tampere & Klubi show cancelled

21/02/2020 - New interview with Inferno Magazine (FIN) online!

06/02/2020 - Tampere show confirmed with Ruoska for March 2020!

02/02/2020 - King Aleister Satan guests in Third Eye Cinema (US)!

06/02/2020 - Helsinki show confirmed with Ruoska for March 2020!

31/02/2020 - King Satan confirmed to Alavus on The Rocks 2020!

15/01/2020 - Interview with Soundscape Magazine (UK) Online!

14/01/2020 - Aleister & Kate interview with MyToucheBlog (HUN) online!

13/01/2020 - King Satan confirmed to Metallivuori Festivals 2020!

13/12/2019 - Interview with RockYourUnderground (BEL) online!

22/11/2019 - "I Want You To Worship Satan" OUT NOW!

21/11/2019 - "Psychosadomasochism" music video out now!

16/10/2019 - "All Magick Is Chaos Magick" single out now!

08/10/2019 - New interview with KaaosZine online!

01/10/2019 - KING SATAN to support NACHTMAHR (AT) in January 2020!

17/09/2019 - Jyväskylä (FI) show confirmed with MISERIA ULTIMA!

16/09/2019 - Hyvinkää (FI) show confirmed with FEAR OF DOMINATION!

16/09/2019 - Interview with Backseat Mafia (UK) online!

18/09/2019 - "Fuck Yoga" hit Top 50 Viral Finland Charts in Spotify!

11/09/2019 - "Fuck Yoga" single out now!

10/09/2019 - "Fuck Yoga" single world premiere by Brutal Resonance Magazine!

01/09/2019 - Official IWYTWS album release party confirmed to Tampere, Finland!

01/09/2019 - Official IWYTWS album release party confirmed to Seinäjoki, Finland!

06/08/2019 - "I Want You To Worship Satan" special pre-order bundle via Record Shop Äx!

06/08/2019 - "I Want You To Worship Satan" album pre-orders begin!

06/08/2019 - King Satan second album "I Want You To Worship Satan" release date set!

06/08/2019 - First single from upcoming album "The Killing Of God" out now!

01/06/2019 - Deal signed with INVERSE RECORDS for second album to come!

18/04/2019 - "The Rains of Castamere"" (Lannister Song / Game Of Thrones OST) out now!

07/13/2019 - European Tour 2018 Video Diary "Clowning Is Serious Business" out now!

13/12/2018 - "King Fucking Satan"" album released in South America by American Line Prod

25/11/2018 - King Satan confirmed for Metalfestival Alleur event in Belgium!

08/09/2018 - Last live show of the year confirmed to On The Rocks, Helsinki

09/08/2018 - KING SATAN to Seinäjoki Metal Festival 2019!

08/08/2018 - Jyvaskyla & Lutakko show confirmed supporting TURMION KATILOT

06/07/2018 - KING SATAN to TalviHelvetti 2019!

20/07/2018 - ENTER BLACK FIRE Remix by MECHANIK PROJECT online!

01/07/2018 - KING SATAN confirmed to LOST IN MUSIC Festivals!

18/05/2018 - KING SATAN to support HOCICO (MEX) in August in Finland

03/04/2018 - King Fucking Satan CD re-press out via Saturnal Records


19/12/2017 - New KING SATAN t-shirt design PRE-ORDER up and running now!

18/12/2017 - KING SATAN to Saarihelvetti 2018!

22/11/2017 - Finnish minitour confirmed to support 2 Times Terror!

28/10/2017 - KING SATAN to KAAOSFEST 2018!

19/10/2017 - KING SATAN to MetalOrgy 2017 events in Helsinki and Tampere!

10/09/2017 - Full Q&A in Zero Tolerance Magazine!

30/08/2017 - King Satan interview at The Infidel Netwerk!

14/08/2017 - King Satan interview at KVLT Magazine!

30/06/2017 - King Satan signs Nem Agency for concert bookings in Finland!

30/06/2017 - New music video "Dance With The Devil" out now!

30/06/2017 - King Fucking Satan officially released in UK & Ireland!

29/06/2017 - Interview by Metal On Loud Online!

27/05/2017 - KING SATAN debut album released!

22/05/2017 - Debut full album stream & pre-listen by Terrorizer

22/05/2017 - King Fucking Satan ennakkokuuntelu&kommentaari by Inferno

06/05/2017 - Official Album release party confirmed!

24/03/2017 - Satanized (Praise Hail Satan!) single out!

07/03/2017 - King Satan to Nummirock Metal Festivals 2017!

15/01/2017 - King Satan to support Velvet Acid Christ (US) in their Finnish visit

15/11/2016 - King Satan to support Perturbator & Carpenter Brut!

01/11/2016 - King Satan confirmed to JKL Metal Fest!

18/10/2016 - Interview online by courtesy of Metal Hangar 18

10/08/2017 - First foreign concert confirmed to Gothic Fest Sofia, Bulgaria!

08/08/2016 - King Satan to support Pain (SWE) & Turmion Kätilöt!

10/07/2017 - First King Satan show ever in Saarihelvetti Festivals 2016!

10/06/2016 - New music video out now! Psygnosis!

20/12/2015 - First single and music video "Enter Black Fire" released!